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Universal Application Mitt

No time to shower? Dry exfoliate! The brand new Buff ‘N Glow Mitt by world renowned tanner to the stars Jimmy Coco, will remove lotions, soap residue and dead skin cells with dry exfoliation. Buff ‘n’ Glow is the ultimate full body mitt that combines BOTH pre-tan prep with self-tan application in one handy tool.

The exfoliating side enables you to buff your skin to perfection while staying dry for immediate product application. Featuring two levels, the top of the mitt is made for courser exfoliation for tougher areas like elbows, knees and heels, while the body of the mitt gives a medium level exfoliation for the rest of your skin.

The application side enables you to apply your self tan flawlessly for a streak-free finish and features a waterproof inner lining.


Buff: Slide your hand into the opening of the mitt with the buff side of the mitt towards the palm of your hand. Use circular motions to gently exfoliate and remove lotions, soap residue and dead skin cells for perfectly primed skin.

Tan: Slide your hand into the opening of the mitt with the soft application side at your palm. Pump a small amount of self tan mousse onto the soft side of the mitt.  Apply to the body in long sweeping motions. Smooth out color for desired look. Apply a second layer for a darker result.

Mitt is designed for use on either hand.

Rinse or machine wash and allow to air dry completely before re-use.


Celebrity Tan Expert, Jimmy Coco’s Express sunless tan solution, Violet Sky delivers a luxurious tan that develops in as little as one hour and lasts 7-10 days. Perfect for those who prefer a faster developing tan that you can rinse off sooner (1-4 hours). Formulated with naturally derived DHA, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E; your skin will boast a luxurious, dark skin finish. Our signature fragrance promises to whisk you away to a tropical paradise leaving you feeling fresh, clean, and tan.  Convenience with a glow!

Directions: Pump the mousse onto the soft side of Buff N Glow mitt and apply in long sweeping motions to clean, exfoliated skin. Use sparingly on dry areas of the body (i.e. elbows, knees, and heels). Wash hands after application.

Jimmy says: “Everyone is different. I like to apply 2-3 pumps of mousse to my mitt for 1 heavy layer of even application.”

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Weight 1.50 oz
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Pink, Black


Violet Sky, Olive Branch


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